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Congress-DMK final decision on Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Lok Sabha seat allocation, 9 seats to Congress | leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Congress and DMK took the final decision on the distribution of Lok Sabha seats in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Out of 39 seats in Tamil Nadu, Congress has won 9 seats. While in Pondicherry, Congress is going to fight on one seat. DMK will contest the remaining seats. This announcement was made today on behalf of Congress.

India Aghadi is sealing the seat allocation as the Lok Sabha elections close. While the seat allocation in some states including Maharashtra is almost finalised, India Aghadi has also successfully settled the seat allocation in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Congress General Secretary K. C. Venugopal announced this seat allocation on Saturday evening. In this, Congress will contest 9 out of 39 seats in Tamil Nadu, while it will support major and allied parties in remaining seats. One seat in Pondicherry will also be contested on behalf of the Congress. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu, DMK and Aghadi won 38 out of 39 seats. 8 seats were won by Congress. This time DMK and Congress will fight together and we will win all 40 seats, K believes. C. Venugopal expressed.

While announcing the seat allocation, Congress General Secretary K. C. Venugopal launched a strong attack on the central government. He said that there is a deliberate attack on behalf of the central government on the states where the opposition parties are in government. Along with that, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu M. K. He praised the Stalin-led government and said it was important to fight the BJP's divisive politics.

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