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Champions Trophy 2025 : Pakistan will bow again; A hybrid model for the Champions Trophy too? | leader

Dubai : News Agency : ICC will not pressurize BCCI to participate in next year's Champions Trophy in Pakistan, an ICC source said. Hence, it is likely that a hybrid model will be used for the Champions Trophy. (Champions Trophy 2025)

The Champions Trophy will be played in February-March 2025 in Pakistan. It is almost impossible for the Indian team to travel to Pakistan due to political ties. An ICC source said that the ICC cannot decide on India's participation if the Indian government's policy is against it. So this competition is an option to play according to hybrid model. In the board meeting, each member presents his point and votes on it. However, if a member country's government refuses to play at a venue, the ICC has to find alternatives. (Champions Trophy 2025)

Adopted in the Asia Cup

Asia Cup 2023 was hosted by Pakistan. But as India made it clear that they would not play in Pakistan, the fate of the tournament was in jeopardy. While India demanded that the tournament be played at a third venue, the PCB was adamant about holding the tournament in Pakistan. As a solution to this, it was decided to play Pakistan's matches in Pakistan and India's matches in Sri Lanka. If India is in the knockout round, it was decided to play all the matches in Sri Lanka. (Champions Trophy 2025)

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