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When the first general election was held in India in 1951-52, the literacy rate was very low. Therefore, election symbols were distributed at that time so that the illiterate people could understand the party immediately. Until the fourth Lok Sabha, the Congress contested elections on the symbol of a pair of two bulls. After 1967, Congress was divided into two factions, Syndicate and Indicate. Then in 1969, the Election Commission froze the election symbol of two bulls. Later Congress under the leadership of Indira Gandhi got a new election symbol of cow and calf. Indira Gandhi won the 1971 Lok Sabha elections by contesting with the cow-calf symbol. However, after the Emergency, the Congress split again. The Election Commission then froze the cow-calf election symbol. Then Indira Gandhi chose hand as election symbol.

Great-grandmother, plow farmer to Kamal

The history of the election symbols of the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been ruling the country for the last ten consecutive years, is also noteworthy. Jan Sangh was formed on 21 October 1951 in Delhi. At that time the election symbol of Jana Sangh was Panati. This system continued till 1977. Later, all the Congress opponents came together under the leadership of Janata Party. The election symbol of this party was the ploughman. Later the Janata Party also split and in 1980 the Bharatiya Janata Party was officially formed and this party chose the lotus as its symbol. This symbol has become the main identity of BJP.

Funny election signs

Election symbols include fun symbols like cauliflower, scissors, green chilli, cake, balloon, dolly, ice cream. If a candidate announced, vote for cauliflower, anyone would laugh.

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