Sunday, June 16, 2024

Ban on Yasin Malik's organization extended for 5 years leader

New Delhi : The Ministry of Home Affairs has once again taken a big step against terrorism. The ban on the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (Mohammad Yasin Malik group) has been extended for another five years.

The Home Ministry said the ban has been extended following evidence against the JKLF-Y. The Ministry of Home Affairs declared JKLF-Y unofficial on 22 March 2019. This organization is in touch with extremist organizations.
Supporting terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere. The Ministry of Home Affairs also banned JKPL (Mukhtar Ahmed Waja), JKPL (Bashir Ahmed Tota), JKPL (Ghulam Mohammad Khan) and JKPL (Azeez Shaikh) of Jammu and Kashmir People's League. These organizations were promoting terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir.

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