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Baba Ramdev: Make criminal complainants against Baba Ramdev parties in case, Supreme Court directs

New Delhi, Leading News Service: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) branch in Patna, Bihar and Raipur, Chhattisgarh have filed criminal cases against Baba Ramdev for his controversial statement regarding the use of allopathic medicines during the Corona period. The Supreme Court on Friday (19) directed that these people be included as parties in the ongoing case. (Baba Ramdev)

Baba Ramdev has filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking stay of the criminal proceedings filed against him by the IMA organization in Patna and Raipur for his alleged controversial statement on allopathic medicines. On this petition, Justice S. M. Sundaresh and Justice P. B. The hearing is going on before Varale's bench. During the hearing, the court directed both branches of the IMA, which filed a criminal complaint against Baba Ramdev, to be made parties to the case. (Baba Ramdev)

Baba Ramdev has made the Central Government, Bihar Government, Chhattisgarh Government and IMA parties in his petition. Bihar government's counsel sought time from the court to file a reply in the matter. I have absolutely no faith in allopathy medicines. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had made a controversial statement that many people died during the Corona period due to the use of these medicines. After this statement, the Bihar and Chhattisgarh branch of the IMA filed felony charges against Baba Ramdev. The Supreme Court has now adjourned the hearing of the matter after the summer vacation. (Baba Ramdev)

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