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Arbaaz said on bonding with Salman Khan: We do not know everything about each other, there should be a limit in the family too

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Arbaaz Khan has shared many things about his family in an interview. He has said that every member of the family shares a good bonding with each other but not everyone knows every detail of each other's life.

Arbaaz said, we all live together but it does not mean that brother Salman knows every little thing about my life and I know everything about Salman. It is not necessary that we know every detail of each other's life because even though we are brothers, everyone's personal life should remain personal. Everyone's professional and financial decisions should be their own.

Arbaaz is about two years younger than Salman.

Arbaaz is about two years younger than Salman.

'There should be a limit even in the family'

Arbaaz further said, even in a family there should be a boundary between brothers and sisters and we maintain it in our family. Of course, whenever each other's support is needed, we are there, be it emotional, professional and financial support. But we do not impose our opinions on each other. It is not that he is my brother so he has to do something for me.

Arbaaz and Salman during the shooting of 'Dabangg'.

Arbaaz and Salman during the shooting of 'Dabangg'.

Arbaaz said on working with Salman

On working with Salman Khan, Arbaaz said, 'Whenever I have gone to Salman for work, my endeavor has been to ensure that whatever project is done, it benefits his career as well. It may not be that it will only benefit my career. Take the example of the film 'Dabangg'. The film not only made my career as a producer but it also benefited Salman.

There was firing outside Salman's house

Recently, two attackers fired 4 rounds at Salman Khan's Mumbai home Galaxy Apartment. As soon as the news was received, brothers Arbaaz and Sohail immediately reached home to meet their family. During this, his wife Shura was also seen with Arbaaz. Arbaaz later issued a statement and also said that his family is extremely upset by this incident.

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