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Arbaaz Khan speaks on nepotism: Connection can get a break, but it does not guarantee success

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Arbaaz Khan spoke openly on nepotism in an interview. He told that if your father is in any profession, then it opens some doors for you. But this does not bring you success. Arbaaz said- People coming from families with Bollywood connections also have to struggle.

If your father is a doctor or lawyer, then you will have more exposure in that field compared to others. Similarly, if your father is part of the industry then it definitely becomes easier to meet someone. Because our father has been a writer in Bollywood. But this does not guarantee that you will get work.

No one can guarantee success in 25 years of career – Arbaaz Khan

During an interview with Timeout with Ankit, Arbaaz said that no Bollywood connection can guarantee you success. Yes, this can definitely give you a break. But 25 years of career cannot guarantee success.

He said- I and my brother Sohail Khan are not as successful as Bollywood superstars or our brother Salman. But we are still here today, and working. No one favors anyone here. Arbaaz Khan says it doesn't matter who you are or what relationship you have with a big man in Bollywood, if the audience doesn't want to see you then no one will give you work.

Arbaaz said that it would be wrong to say that if an actor is successful, it is because of his connections or nepotism. Taking his point further, Arbaaz said that even a superstar goes through bad times. Many times his 10 films flop and he doesn't know what to do.

Arbaaz talked about celebrities who did not get success or stardom despite their parents being stars in the film industry. When asked what the next generation of the Khan family – Arhaan and Nirvana Khan should do with their careers and whether they will follow in the footsteps of their father and uncle, Arbaaz said – they both are preparing themselves right now. Arhaan is the son of Arbaaz and his first wife Malaika Arora, while Nirvaan is the son of Sohail and his wife Seema Sajdeh.

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