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Alia's mother received a scam call: A man tried to cheat Soni Razdan by citing drugs.

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Alia Bhatt's mother and actress Soni Razdan has escaped becoming a victim of scam. A person tried to cheat them by citing drugs. Soni Razdan has shared this information in the post.

The thug said that he is a Delhi Customs officer

Soni wrote- A huge scam is going on around us. Someone called me and said he was calling from Delhi Customs. He told me that I had ordered drugs. He also told me that he was connected to the police. He asked me for Aadhar card number. Just like I got the call, some people I know have also got the call.

Soni Razdan with daughters Shaheen and Alia.

Soni Razdan with daughters Shaheen and Alia.

'People try to cheat by doing this'

Soni further said- These people call you and scare and threaten you. They try to take a lot of money from you by talking like this. But you people should not get trapped in their words and should not come under their influence.

I know a person who transferred a lot of money after falling prey to such fraudsters. She is in trouble now so I am sharing this post so that people are not scared of it.

Soni is the second wife of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

Soni is the second wife of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

Soni said- one should be cautious of such scam calls

Sony wrote in the caption with this post – People get confused by such calls and consider it to be real. I almost thought the same thing. When I talked to someone about this, they told me that it is a scam call. Soni also requested that people should beware of such scam calls.

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