Thursday, July 18, 2024

A blow to China-Pak Corridor; A total of 8 killed in the attack of Baluchi insurgents, targeting Gwadar port leader

Leading Online Desk : Insurgents in Balochistan have targeted the China Pakistan Corridor, which is very important for Pakistan and China. One Pakistani soldier was killed in this attack, while 7 Baloch rebels were also killed. (Baloch Separatists)

The attack took place on an administrative building in Gwadar Bandar. The Baluchi insurgents set off massive explosions and opened fire, said the administrative commissioner here, Saeed Ahmad Umrani. Saeed confirmed reports that 7 attackers and one soldier were killed.

Gwadar port is very important in China-Pakistan corridor. China has invested billions in this corridor. China has also invested heavily in Balochistan. As Balochistan is rich in mineral wealth, China is paying special attention to this region.

Baloch Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for this attack. It is considered as an important organization among the various insurgent organizations in Balochistan. The Baloch Liberation Army had earlier attacked Chinese workers in the area.

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