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Wow this is called 'speed'..! Fastest ball bowled by Shabanim of 'Mumbai Indians' | leader

Leader Online Desk : Mumbai Indians bowler Shabneem Ismail holds the record for the fastest bowler in women's cricket history. She created history by bowling at 132.1 kmph, the first time in women's cricket to break the 130 kmph mark on the speed meter. Notably, Shabanim, a female cricketer originally from South Africa, has broken her previous record of bowling the fastest ball. (Shabnim Ismail Bowls The Fastest Delivery In Women's Cricket In WPL 2024)

Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals clash in Women's IPL on Tuesday, March 5. In this match, Shabanim bowled the second ball of the third over of Delhi's innings at a speed of 132.1 kilometers per hour. The ball hit Delhi captain Meg Lanning's pad. The Mumbai team appealed for Paycheet; But the umpires rejected it. But this ball was the fastest. The speed of this ball was recorded at 132.1 kilometers per hour (82.08 mph).

Shabnim Ismail broke his own record

Shabanim breaks her own record for the fastest ball in women's cricket. Earlier she bowled at 128 kmph. 128 kmph (79.54 mph) against the West Indies in 2016 and 127 kmph twice in the 2022 Women's ODI World Cup. Ismail played 127 ODIs, 113 T20Is and one Test for South Africa during his 16-year international career. (Shabnim Ismail Bowls The Fastest Delivery In Women's Cricket In WPL 2024)

317 wickets in international cricket

South African fast bowler in women's cricket Shabanim has taken 317 wickets in international cricket so far. This includes 191 wickets in ODIs and 123 wickets in T20Is. She has played for South Africa in all eight of the last eight ICC Women's T20 World Cups. He retired from international cricket after last year's T20 World Cup at home. (Shabnim Ismail Bowls The Fastest Delivery In Women's Cricket In WPL 2024)

Shoaib Akhtar's Fastest Ball in Men's Cricket

The fastest ball ever bowled in men's cricket was by Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan. It reached a speed of 161.3 kilometers per hour (100.14 mph).

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