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World Tuberculosis Day 2024 | The diagnosis of tuberculosis will be made from the sound of coughing leader

Mumbai: Aditi Kadam

In order to identify the patients suffering from tuberculosis, Bunkri, X-ray, sonography are done at the primary level. But now it will be diagnosed from the sound of cough whether it is tuberculosis or not. A study on this has been started in the state and tests have also been started on an experimental basis through a voluntary organization in Raigad district. (World Tuberculosis Day 2024)

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The central government has set a target of complete eradication of tuberculosis by 2025. Under it, emphasis is being placed on finding more and more tuberculosis patients and making them healthy. For this, a mobile app has been created using advanced technology. It is being tested under the 'Solution to Data Programme' based on artificial intelligence with its help. (World Tuberculosis Day 2024)

The new app has an artificial intelligence lens. Therefore, tuberculosis can be identified by the pattern of cough sound. As part of the pilot project, cough sound samples are being collected from across the country. This will include active TB patients, their families and contacts. The suspect patient's voice is to be recorded seven times. Each time the sound will be different. The names and addresses of the people whose voices are recorded will be kept confidential.

Will record sound seven times

First person's consent will be taken while taking samples. The app will then start and record 30 seconds of sound. The patient's voice will be recorded seven times, with the patient counting numbers from one to 10, speaking a few words, and coughing three times.

By using the app, the patient and his family will get maximum facilities. Earlier, in most cases, TB patients could be diagnosed only after their condition became severe. After that the treatment was started. Because of this, the patient often died. However, due to the new method, the diagnosis of tuberculosis can be made at the right time and the patient can be treated immediately.

World Tuberculosis Day 2024 | Trial started at Raigad

Testing is underway in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and other states. Tuberculosis screening through Artificial Intelligence (Al) app is underway in Raigad district in collaboration with USAA and NSW Foundation in the state. For this, training is being given on how to check cough and voice.

World Tuberculosis Day 2024 | How was the diagnosis?

Samples of TB positive-negative patients from all over the country are being tested. These samples are converted to an audio input spectrogram. They are used as input to a neural network, along with the characteristic data. It predicts the probability of tuberculosis of a person.

Statistics of tuberculosis patients

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