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When brother commented on Sonakshi's love life: Luv Sinha had said- 'She doesn't listen to me, people are not what they appear to be'

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Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha married actor Zaheer Iqbal on 23 June. Her brother Luv Sinha did not attend the wedding. Recently, Luv himself had mentioned on social media that he had some differences with Zaheer's father, although he later deleted that post.

Sonakshi doesn't listen to me: Luv Sinha

Now an old interview of Luv is going viral in which he talked about sister Sonakshi's love life. Talking about Sonakshi in an interview given to Siddharth Kannan in 2023, Luv had said, 'Being a brother, I am worried about other members of the family because people pretend to be good from outside but many times it is not so from inside. As a brother, it is my duty to take care of everything and I do the same.'

When Luv was asked if he is possessive about Sonakshi, he said, 'I am not possessive. I say what I think. It is a different matter that she (Sonakshi) does not listen. She is like that but I only think like an elder brother.

From left: Luv Sinha, Sonakshi and Kush Sinha.

From left: Luv Sinha, Sonakshi and Kush Sinha.

If someone wants to jump into the well, they should do so: Luv Sinha

Luv further said that he gives advice to his sister or anyone else but even then if they don't follow it then it is up to them. Not just Sonakshi, why would I give advice to anyone? I do it only out of concern, but despite this if someone wants to jump into the well then you cannot stop him. I am not saying this only for Sonakshi, I am saying this for everyone.

Luv Sinha had told the reason for not attending the wedding

Luv Sinha had shared a post and hinted that he was unhappy with the controversial background of Sonakshi's father-in-law Iqbal Ratnasi. He had written that he would never maintain a relationship with some people, no matter what. However, Luv later deleted that post. He clarified that his statement had been misrepresented.

After deleting the old post, Luv Sinha wrote on X platform (formerly Twitter), 'The statement which is being wrongly attributed to me was not mine but was written by a senior journalist. Now this matter is closed and I will never comment on this matter further.'

Sonakshi-Zaheer got married on 23 June

Sonakshi and Zaheer had a registered marriage on June 23 instead of getting married according to Hindu and Muslim customs. After this, they hosted a wedding reception at Bastian Restaurant in Mumbai on the night of June 23 in which many big stars of the film industry including Salman Khan, Rekha, Kajol attended.

After the news of her marriage to Zaheer came out, there were speculations that Sonakshi would change her religion and become a Muslim but this did not happen. Zaheer Iqbal's father Iqbal Ratnasi had made it clear in an interview that Sonakshi would not change her religion.

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