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Web series 'Lutere' is made on pirates: Hansal Mehta said on the direction of son Jai, 'He faced many difficulties alone'

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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta's web series 'Lutere' is ready for release. The story of pirates is shown in the series. Hansal's son Jai Mehta has directed it. In an interview given to Dainik Bhaskar, the filmmaker shared things related to the series. During the conversation, he also threw light on his upcoming project 'Gandhi'.

The aim was to show the experience of Indian cinema in long format.

Hansal says, 'This project is a fictional story based on many true incidents. We have made this thriller only for entertainment. We wanted to engage with the audience. We tried our best to make this series appear larger than life. The aim was to show the experience of Indian cinema in long format.

I also sympathized with my son.

He further said, 'I was not the director of this series. This was the biggest challenge for me. My son, Jai, directed it. I'm just a creator. Now this was both a good and a bad challenge for me. As if he was sitting like a coach in a cricket ground. He also sympathized with his son. He had to face many difficulties alone. I had given Jai the freedom to have all kinds of experiences. Very satisfied with the final outcome.

This project took a lot of time to complete

According to Hansal, his experience was very useful in making this series. Regarding this he said, 'This project was taking a lot of time to complete. I thought there was a lot going wrong in the production. The team wanted to work on it, but were not able to start. Many times Jai used to talk to me about this in despair. I used to advise him to stay firm. My experience says that if you stick to something, it will definitely be accomplished. I had a lot of contribution in starting and finishing 'Lutere'. Whenever difficulties arose, we found a way out and moved ahead.

Jai and I have been working together for the last 12 years

Hansal further says about his bonding with his son, 'During the shooting, whenever Jai got angry, he would take it out on me. He never expresses it on his unit. Actually, both of us were each other's buffer. There was no ego etc. in our world at all. We have been working together for the last 12 years. Every time it seemed that I would never work with Jai after this. But we started this show 4 years ago. He has matured a lot in the last 4 years.

In today's times we need Gandhigiri very much.

Shooting of Hansal Mehta's upcoming web series 'Gandhi' has also started. Actor Prateik Gandhi will be seen in the lead role. Regarding this project, Hansal says, 'I believe that in today's times we need Gandhigiri very much. A person should accept his mistakes and learn from them. We have forgotten this.

In this series, we tried to show the reflection of Gandhigiri in whatever decisions we take in everyday life. When you talk about an iconic figure like Mahatma Gandhi, you already have a huge responsibility as a filmmaker. I am sure the audience will definitely remember it.

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