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Watch the video! Japan's first private rocket explodes seconds after launch | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Japan's first private rocket exploded and was destroyed seconds after launch this morning. The rocket exploded in the air. As soon as the rocket was noticed to explode, the sprinkler started spraying water. But the burning remains of the rocket and satellite were seen falling on the surrounding mountains. News in this context 'NDTV'is given by (Japan's Private Satellite)

A rocket made by a Japanese company exploded shortly after its first launch on Wednesday (Dec 13). Public broadcaster NHK released footage of the rocket failure. Tokyo-based startup Space One was aiming to become the first Japanese private company to successfully put a satellite into orbit. But during the mission, the rocket carrying the satellite exploded in the air, causing disappointment. (Japan's Private Satellite)

Japan's private satellite solid-fuel Kairos rocket blasted off 18-meters (60-feet) from the startup's own launch pad in western Japan's Wakayama Prefecture. But seconds after launch, the rocket burst into a ball of flame and billowing black smoke around the launch pad. As sprinklers began spraying water, burning debris could be seen falling on the surrounding hillsides. (Japan's Private Satellite)

the rocket explodesthe rocket explodes
the rocket explodes
Japan's first private rocket explodesJapan's first private rocket explodes
Japan's first private rocket explodes

Japan's Private Satellite: A Brief About 'Space One'…

Space One was founded in 2018 by a team of major Japanese tech businesses including Canon Electronics, IHI Aerospace, construction firm Shimizu and the state-owned Development Bank of Japan. Last July, a second Japanese rocket exploded during a test about 50 seconds after its engine ignited. The solid-fuel Epsilon S was a modified version of the Epsilon rocket that had failed to launch the previous October.

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