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Vinod Tawde: Vinod Tawde, who was rejected as a candidate in the state, will play an important role at the national level…

Prashant Baghaye

New Delhi : Announcing the first list of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's candidature, coordinating the BJP's manifesto program, coordinating the event held at the BJP headquarters after the NDA's third major victory, all the important meetings at the national level of the BJP, coordinating among the NDA's component parties, all of them have always found one 'Marathi' name, viz. Vinod Tawde. (Vinod Tawde)

Will Vinod Tawde's political existence end?

  • The candidature was rejected during the 2019 assembly elections.
  • Somewhat thrown out of state politics.
  • After that, he made a tremendous comeback and settled in Delhi politics.

Vinod Tawde : Responsibility as in-charge of Bihar

Vinod Tawde's candidature was rejected during the assembly elections in the state in 2019. After that, Vinod Tawde was somewhat thrown out of the politics of the state. Many people began to see the possibility that Vinod Tawde's political existence will end or not. However, Vinod Tawde made a tremendous comeback. Bharatiya Janata Party appointed him as the National General Secretary in the party organization. He was given the charge of Bihar, a sensitive, hostile and important state of the country like Bihar. After giving all these responsibilities, he settled well in Delhi politics. And he even got close to the party leadership.

Tawde's participation in all important meetings of BJP

In all the important meetings of the BJP, Tawde's standoff is seen. He is also responsible for meticulous planning of various programs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, review of important matters including various important meetings. Before the Lok Sabha elections, many party accessions in the BJP took place in his presence. He was denied the Vidhan Sabha candidature in 2019, now he announced the BJP's first Lok Sabha list with another name along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Vinod Tawde : Chosen as coordinator to coordinate all constituent parties

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to the party headquarters for an important event. Vinod Tawde is the facilitator of all those programs. He toured most parts of the country during the Lok Sabha elections. The NDA government is coming for the third time in the country. He has also been selected as the coordinator to coordinate all the constituent parties in the NDA. Tawde is neither an MLA nor an MP these days. Tawde never fielded to get MLA, MP. However, they can now be seen in a new role.

After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the atmosphere has heated up in the BJP, which is forming the government. BJP did not get the expected success in the country as well as in the state. In Maharashtra, BJP got only 9 seats. Due to this, Devendra Fadnavis has requested the party leadership to 'release me from the responsibility in the government'. Fadnavis wants to focus on party organization and assembly preparations. Of course, the final decision on this will be taken by the top leadership in the BJP.

Vinod Tawde : NDA will get important responsibility after the formation of government-3

However, against this backdrop, there is a possibility of major changes in BJP at some places. According to the information given by the sources, the important constituent parties of the NDA will be taken along in Maharashtra earlier. Or Tawde can be given an important responsibility in terms of the state, if the equations of difficulty are to be corrected in the Lok Sabha elections. It is understood that churning is going on in the BJP. However, after Fadnavis' statement 'Free me from the government', Tawde is being discussed in the BJP at the state and national levels as well.

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