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Vijay Verma, who got Piyush Mishra to sing an anti-left song: There was controversy over the song composed by him; Renowned business companies had objections

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A song from the film JNU (Jahangir National University) is much discussed. Piyush Mishra has given voice to this song.

Music composer Vijay Verma of the film JNU (Jahangir National University) is in the news because of the songs composed by him. There is a lot of discussion on his composed song 'Main Nahi Manta'. This song attacks the left and communist ideology. The special thing is that actor-singer Piyush Mishra has lent his voice to this song. Piyush Mishra himself was once influenced by the ideology of the Left.

Vijay Verma had earlier given music in Prakash Jha's film Chakravyuh. There was a lot of controversy over a song 'Mahangai' from that film. The notice had come from four renowned business companies of the country.

Now Vijay Verma is in the news again because of his music in the film JNU. He has exclusively talked to Dainik Bhaskar.

It was not easy to convince Piyush Mishra to sing
Piyush Mishra does not sing songs quickly. How were you able to convince them? Vijay Verma said, 'There are total three songs in this film. The first song is sung by Sonu Nigam. Since Piyush Mishra is playing the role of an old student in the film. According to the script of the film, a song has also been filmed on Piyush. We thought that since the sequence is his, it would be better to get the song sung by him also. Although I knew that Piyush Bhai sings songs only on the request of his friends.

He sang songs for Anurag Kashyap's films Gulaal and Gangs of Wasseypur. For this I talked to producer Rahul Mitra, who is like an elder brother. Rahul Mitra and Piyush Mishra are good friends. I recorded a demo of the song and sent it. Piyush ji liked the song very much. He said fix the date, I am ready to record.

Piyush Mishra recorded it in 15 minutes Song
Vijay Verma further said- After the date etc. was fixed, Piyush ji came to the studio one day. However, he refused to sing the song at the last moment. He said that my voice is not good, why are you in trouble with me. Now I got scared after hearing this from Piyush. I said that he is a moody man, he should not leave without singing.

I told him to try just once. Following my advice, he came to the studio and started recording the song in front of the mike. We recorded the song in just 15 minutes. Today the audience is liking this song very much.

Piyush Mishra said that a glimpse of his own life has been seen in this song. Earlier he used to be influenced by the ideology of the Left. Now his ideology has changed to the opposite. His character in the film is also similar.

The parties which will win the elections will play these songs will play
Vijay further said- Danish Rana has written the lyrics of the song Main Nahi Manta. Apart from this, the second song has been written by Rajesh Manthan. It is sung by Sonu Nigam. This song is such that whenever any political party wins the election, it will be played and celebrated.

This is a celebration song like 'Aarambh Hai Prachanda'. The only difference is that it was a serious song, whereas we have tried to present it in a lighthearted style. The third song is sung by Kailash Kher. This is a heroic song, which suits Kailash Kher the most. He has also recorded it very well.

The film will be released on 5th April.

The film will be released on 5th April.

Censor Board objected to a song

'There is an interesting story about this song also. Actually, a fight between two student unions is shown in the background of this song. Director Vinay Sharma said that for this fight sequence, make a song whose lyrics should be in Sanskrit.

Now this was a very strange demand from the director. I made it though. The censor board has just objected to the song. The Censor Board says that you are playing such a song on an aggressive scale, lest tomorrow this song is played somewhere and fighting starts.

Vijay Verma has given music in the film JNU.

Vijay Verma has given music in the film JNU.

Made the song such that a warrant was issued
You wrote a song Manghai for Prakash Jha's film Chakravyuh. There was a lot of controversy over that. What will you say? Vijay Verma said, 'Because of this song, four business houses Tata Birla, Ambani and Bata had filed a case against us. This song was discussed in major media groups. Warrant was issued against 5 people including the film's director Prakash Jha and producer Kishore Lulla.

Vijay Verma has come from a small village in Bihar.
Vijay Verma came from a small village in Bihar and made his name in Mumbai. Perhaps it was his confidence level, due to which he was able to progress so far. Vijay Verma himself accepts this. He said that whatever I am today is not because of the confidence that has developed in me, but the confidence was already there and that is why I have been able to travel this far.

Vijay Verma said that he has also written a book during lockdown. Some projects based on it can also be seen in the coming time.

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