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Vedha Stock Market: Directionless Market…

Bharat Salokhe, Director, Akshay Profit & Wealth Pvt. Ltd.

The market, which was in a bearish cycle for the first four days of the week, tried to rally on Friday by impulse buying. So Nifty did not leave the level of 22000 at the end of the week. Otherwise it fell below 22000 twice. Nifty and Sensex fell by more than 2.5 percent, while Bank Nifty fell by more than 3.5 percent. The same was the case with the mid-cap index, while the small-cap index lost more than five percent.

All sectoral indices except FMCG and Auto were in the red zone for the week. showed the greatest decline. Nifty PSU Bank Index includes Bank of Baroda, Union Bank, Central Bank, Bank of Maharashtra, Bank of India Punjab. The PSU Bank Index fell by 75 percent as all banks including Sindh Bank fell by more than 8 percent. Canara Bank fell by 13 percent and PNB by 10 percent. PNB's weightage in Nifty's PSU Bank Index is 34.63 percent.

The Nifty Infra index showed the biggest fall, followed by the Nifty PSU Bank. Reliance fell 4 percent, IOC 8.33 percent, while Tata Power fell 9.39 percent. This IOC stands for Indian Oils Corporation shares today at Rs. 159.25 is available. Its PE is 5.26 It has fallen below the Rs 200 level during the year. (Rs. 196.80) So the good thing about it is that last year it became the highest dividend yielding stock in terms of Dividend Yield as it earned per share Rs. 12 Dividend paid. And looking at the current share price, the Dividend Yield is seven and a half percent! This rate of seven and a half percent is higher than the rate of interest on fixed deposits of nationalized banks. Moreover, the share of IOC has increased by 90 percent in the last one year. If you study the stock market comprehensively, there are many opportunities to get money.

Tata Power announced its fourth quarter financial results. Net profit grew by 15 percent on a YOY basis. On 3rd May 2024 Rs. 464.30 marked its all-time high. But, since then it has continued to decline and today it is Rs. It has come down to 415. Not only this, but rating agencies CLSA Kotak and Goldan Sachs have pegged its Target Price at Rs. 297, Rs. 265 and Rs. 240 is given as low as .

Stock MarketStock Market
Stock Market

Shares of JWL (Jupiter Wagons Ltd.) rose more than 20 percent last week. (Cmp – Rs. 484.10) It has grown by 335 percent in the last one year. This company manufactures bags and coaches for railways. On this occasion, if we review the performance of other railway companies in the previous year, we can see a pleasant picture as follows.

The fall in the market is expected to continue until June 4, when the election results are announced. But Volotility in the market along with declines is huge. So medium to long term investors should not invest for now. But, the current market is a golden opportunity for intra day trading traders. But, for that, you need to keep a watchful eye on the financial results of the companies, Global News. Paired with 52 expert keys of the companies and Tedering by studying the numbers, they made good profits. How it can be seen from the example of a company above.

Stock MarketStock Market
Stock Market

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