Sunday, June 16, 2024

US fighter jets will be operated by 'AI'

The atomic bomb was a modern day weapon! But the modern technology of 'artificial intelligence' has come into existence which is breaking this belief. In the use of this technology, America has beaten the traditional. F-16 jet fighter aircraft equipped with artificial intelligence has been developed by the US. Artificial intelligence based technology 'Vista' (Variable Inflight Simulator Test Aircraft) has been used in this aircraft. Recently, the tests of this aircraft have been conducted at the Edward Air Force Base in the United States. These tests have been successfully conducted under the supervision of US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

What can Vista do?

Updates itself from time to time. Works based on data and machine learning.
Achieves better than human accuracy to attack.
The use of 'Vista' enables the F-16 fighter jet to perform all the complex maneuvers required for attack and defense even at high speed. Currently, Vista is not advanced enough to serve as a replacement for human pilots; But it can certainly help him as an adjunct. America is the only country to develop this modern technology and use it for fighter jets. This technology is not yet perfect; But the US has taken a step forward by making fighter jets equipped with artificial intelligence technology.

American psyche:

  • Equipped with artificial intelligence by 2028
  • Building 1,000 fighter jets
  • Equipping such fighters in the US Air Force in the next 4 years

Competing countries will surely try to overcome this. To date, there is no evidence that China has tested fighter jets equipped with artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence and its use for warfare is sure to fuel the arms race. Although the world is not completely ready to deal with artificial intelligence today, the technology is ready for it. Artificial intelligence is going to be at the center of the changing development. It is the need of the hour to design international regulations and policies keeping in mind the pros and cons of this.

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