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TV actress Divyanka Tripathi robbed in Europe: Passport, cash and other items worth Rs 10 lakh stolen, seeks help to return to India

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Actress Divyanka Tripathi and her husband Vivek Dahiya's passport has been stolen. Along with the passport, their belongings worth about 10 lakhs have also been stolen. Let us tell you, the couple had gone to Europe to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. This incident happened in Florence, Europe.

Video shared on social media

Through a video on social media, Vivek Dahiya has given information about this incident. In the video, Vivek said, 'This was supposed to be a safe place. The hotel people knew that there was luggage in our car. Despite this, everything including all our documents, money, passport, all the purchases made in the last 15 days have been stolen. Everything of ours has been stolen.'

In the same post, the actor further wrote, 'Please do not bother us by suggesting how care should be taken. This can happen to anyone. But I hope it doesn't. If you can help then help, or sympathize, if it is difficult to do so then please do your part and move on.

Everything was great in this journey except this incident: Vivek Dahiya

Vivek has mentioned this incident in an interview given to Times of India. Vivek said, 'Everything was great in this journey except this incident. We reached Florence yesterday and planned to stay for a day. We went to see a property for our stay. We left all our luggage in the car parked outside. But when we returned to get our luggage, we were shocked to see that the car had been broken into. Our passports, wallets, money, all the shopping items and all our valuables were missing. The good thing is that they had left some old clothes and food items.'

The actor further said, 'We desperately need temporary passports and help from the embassy to return to India as we have nothing.'

The local police dismissed the case

After the incident, the actors approached the local police. However, the police rejected their case saying that they cannot help them as there are no CCTV cameras in the area. They then tried to contact the embassy but unfortunately, it was also closed by then.

I have no money, I need help from the embassy

After this incident, the couple reached a small town near Florence where the hotel staff is helping them. However, they have no money. In such a situation, they are badly stuck. They desperately need help from the embassy.

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