Thursday, July 11, 2024

Trump's guarantee of green card benefits Indians

Anil Takalkar

Washington DC: Republican Party candidate and former President Donald Trump has given a guarantee of giving green cards to foreign students pursuing higher education in the US without any special effort if he wins the presidential election, which seems to have been welcomed on social media in India. However, when the applications of thousands of Indian youths for green cards are pending for years, there is an overall ambiguity on the practical issue of how to grant this permanent residence permit to every newly arriving foreign student in the United States.

This new stance of Trump, who has so far been a staunch critic of illegal immigration, and has imposed strict restrictions on student visas coming on legal H One B visas during his presidency, is a pleasant shock, but surprising. There is no reason to be surprised if there is criticism that this change may have been taken for political gain in the run-up to the elections.

Since this year's election is conditional, any of the two candidates can be elected with a small margin in the state which is more competitive. Some of these states have significant Indian American voters. Joe Biden-Trump rivalry to turn them to us.

Students from India and China who come to study here, want to implement a new concept and start a new company in America. But, they cannot stay here. So they return to India or China and become billionaires. Trump says that we miss their talent, and for that he wants to guarantee these students a green card and, alternatively, US citizenship. However, Biden's campaign has said that this is an empty promise and hopes that it will not be a carrot put forward in the run-up to the election. The waiting period for an Employment Based Green Card is said to be as high as 137 years. If this is true, then the question of how to accommodate all the new foreign students in this system should be answered.

More than 1 million foreign students in the US

More than 10 lakh foreign students are currently studying in America. Most (about 3 lakh) students are from India and China. Given the fact that Trump has the audacity to make this guarantee at a podcasting fundraising event, attended by investors and industry luminaries who fund his campaign, we want intelligent young people with higher education and skills. Answering the question asked by him that how can you fulfill this need of ours, Trump proposed to give green card. Trump has been emphasizing in his campaign on the slogans Buy American Goods, Hire American, America First, Make America Great Again. He has now dared to incur the wrath of his loyal vote base. Because of this, they have violated their original role.

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