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Third aircraft carrier soon : Rajnath Singh

New Delhi; News Agency: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh announced that the government is focusing on increasing the strength of the Indian Navy, currently there are two aircraft carriers in the fleet, and the construction of the third aircraft carrier will be started soon.

In an interview to an English daily, Rajnath Singh said that India is strengthening its navy keeping in mind the changing geopolitical situation. Initially the role of the country was to keep two aircraft carriers in the fleet. Two yachts have arrived in the fleet; But India is now going to build a third boat as well. Construction of that boat will start soon. India will not stop there, five or six boats will be produced. Singh said that India has cooperated with Russia in the production of aircraft carriers, and India's target is to have advanced and more capable aircraft carriers.

Competition of sea power

India and China have a rivalry over maritime power. The Chinese Navy has two aircraft carriers, the Liaoning and the Shandong. Just last week, China test-fired its newly built Fujian, a modern aircraft carrier. This 80 thousand ton warship is bigger than the warships of all other countries except America.

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