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There is no value in happiness..! Car made 'helicopter'; But the police said 'this' won't work… | leader

Leader Online Desk : It is said that happiness has no value. But the two brothers' desire to transform their car into a helicopter has cost them dearly. The police have impounded the vehicle for violating the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act. This type of incident in Uttar Pradesh has become a topic of discussion at present.

Two and a half lakh rupees were spent to give the car a 'helicopter' look

Parameshwardeen and Ishwardeen live in Khajuri village of Akbarpur taluk in Ambedkar Nagar district. He has a business of renting out vehicles for weddings. Recently they started converting cars into helicopter models. Two and a half lakh rupees were also spent for this. Now this chopper was on his way to a workshop to paint a car when a traffic policeman stopped him. The police have seized this car.

A helicopter car was planned for the bride and groom

Parameshwardeen and Ishwardeen had converted the car into a helicopter model to rent helicopter cars for weddings and other occasions. They predicted that this car would be in high demand during the wedding season. For this, they also spent two and a half lakh rupees. Finally, the police seized the car before it was painted. It has also been asked to remove the rear part attached to the car with a fine of Rs 2,000.

We were making this special car exclusively for the wedding ceremony. This car was not a level runner. The two brothers pointed out that similar vehicles are operating in other regions like Bihar and Pratapgarh. Meanwhile, a video of his creation, parked outside a police station in Ambedkar Nagar and uploaded on social media, went viral on social media. In this video, a crowd of onlookers and some policemen are seen standing around the vehicle.

Police have cited security concerns as the primary reason for impounding the vehicle. The car has been modified without proper permission under the Motor Vehicle Act. Modifications to the car require permission from the RTO department, and the vehicle has been impounded under Section 207 of the Motor Vehicles Act, said Assistant Superintendent of Police Vishal Pandey.

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