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…then on that day I will retire : Rohit Sharma | leader

India under the leadership of Rohit Sharma defeated England 4-1 to clinch the Test series. Rohit Sharma led the series 'leading from the front'. After the defeat in the first Test, the Hitman took the young team in hand and won the series. When Rohit Sharma was asked about his retirement after the fifth Test match, he silenced all the critics with a brilliant answer.

After winning the fifth Test, Rohit said, 'One day when I wake up in the morning I will think that I am not playing very well anymore, I am not playing the game anymore, then I will retire. At that time I will just tell everyone. However, I feel that my performance has improved over the last two to four years. I am playing my best cricket right now.'

Rohit Sharma further said, 'I am not a player who looks at numbers. Scoring big runs and those stats are important. However, players will play their natural game in a culture built into the team. You must have seen that the team players are going and playing their cricket openly. We have removed milestones and statistics from the team.'

'Players don't play for numbers anymore. They don't look at their individual scores. Keep playing the match, statistics will improve automatically. If you play without compromise, if you have a clear mindset, other things will follow automatically.'

Rohit Sharma also spoke about the 1-1 draw in the Test series in South Africa. He said that we lost the first Test against England, but then won the second, third, fourth and fifth Tests. I am disappointed that we only got to play 2 Test series in South Africa.'

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