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The war of words continues between Devolina Bhattacharya and Payal Malik: The actress retaliated, saying- Payal, I feel sorry for you

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After coming out of the house of 'Bigg Boss OTT 3', Payal Malik gave a befitting reply to TV actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee. Actually, Devoleena had taunted Armaan Malik and both his wives. In response, Payal criticized Devoleena for marrying in another religion. Now in this counter war, Devoleena has once again hit back at Payal. Devoleena said- My husband is loyal. He does not support polygamy. But I feel pity for you.

After eviction, Payal had replied to Devoleena

Devoleena had criticized Armaan Malik's marriage. A few days ago, Payal was evicted from Bigg Boss house. After listening to Devoleena's statement, Payal talked about her marriage. Payal said- Devoleena has no right to give her opinion on our relationship. Because after marrying Shahnawaz, she herself was trolled a lot.

Now Devoleena retaliated again

Devoleena took to social media and wrote- It takes a high level of knowledge for a person to compare polygamy with marriage in another religion, which I am sure intelligent people are well aware of. And it is not only my right, but every Indian's right to stand up against an illegal act like polygamy, which they take great pride in showing on national television. Don't make fun of the lives of those poor women who die a little bit every day because of this.

Devoleena shared the post.

Devoleena shared the post.

Devoleena further wrote…

Well, whoever wants to do whatever, they can do it but inside their house. Do not marry only twice but 4-5 more. But do not spread this disease in the society. I will always stand by whatever I said. Anyway, it is not a new thing for me that people are making YouTube content on me.

A woman's self-respect should not be compromised. But I know you won't understand this. I really feel sorry for you. But then I feel that after seeing this, this is what you wanted your wedding to be like. For you guys, everything can be a YouTube content. But not for me. So carry on. I'm done.

Let us tell you, Devoleena got popularity from the character of 'Gopi Bahu'. She was also a part of Bigg Boss 13.

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