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The police are the 'bridegroom' for the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. 'Gangster' in Delhi Gangster Marriage | leader

Leading Online Desk : Marriage knots are said to be a match made in heaven and families struggle to match the qualities between the bride and the groom. But in a wedding in Delhi, the bride and groom are well matched. A famous gangster of Delhi area is getting married. And his bride is a gangster from Rajasthan. This youth is in jail and has been granted parole for a few hours by the Delhi High Court for this marriage. (Gangster Marriage)

The name of this gangster youth is Sandeep alias Kala Jathedi, and he is currently in Tihar Jail. The bride's name is Anuradha Chaudhary and she is known as Madam Minz in Rajasthan. The wedding ceremony is taking place on the lawn of Santosh Garden in Dwarka district, which is close to Delhi on Tuesday (March 12). Sandeep belongs to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. (Gangster Marriage)

Tight Security | Gangster Marriage

As two gangsters are married, the police will have to keep a tight security. Delhi Police has to keep a strong presence of 250 police personnel, SWAT commandos, Crime Branch team, Haryana Police Crime Investigation Branch for the wedding.

Sandeep is a very dangerous criminal. He is also skilled in escaping from police custody, which is why the police have to keep such a large security. In 2020, he was being taken to the Faridabad court, when his colleagues fired at the police and abducted Sandeep. Then in 2021, Sandeep and his gang members fired at a hospital in Delhi and abducted his colleague Kuldeep Singh. Kuldeep was later killed in police firing.

Who is Sandeep aka Kal Jathedi?

Sandeep belongs to the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Various crimes like theft, murder, robbery, attempted murder, extortion have been registered against Sandeep in various states. Crimes such as killing with betel nut and extorting bribes from businessmen are also registered against him.

Who is Anuradha?

Anuradha Chaudhary also has a criminal history. She has a record of kidnapping and extortion. She works for Anand Pal, a gangster from Rajasthan. It has network in two states namely Rajasthan and Haryana.

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