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The journey of becoming 'Chandu Champion' was not easy: Karthik did not touch sweets for a year; How many injuries were caused to the stomach and face?

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Karthik Aryan has done the biggest transformation of his life for the film 'Chandu Champion'. This film is based on the life of the country's first Paralympic gold medalist Murlikant Petkar. Obviously, Karthik has worked hard to get into his role.

Karthik took boxing training for this film. Because of this he suffered many injuries. The amount of fat in the body had to be reduced, so I did not touch sweets for a year. National level boxer and fitness coach Tridev Pandey, who helped Karthik in building his body, has talked to Dainik Bhaskar. Tridev has told some interesting things related to Karthik's body transformation.

The film will be released on June 14.

The film will be released on June 14.

What was your first thought about training Kartik Aryan? Tell us about the initial phase?
There are proper boxing scenes in this film. Karthik Aryan had to be prepared from the perspective of a boxer. Just building a body was not our goal. Karthik also had full cooperation in this. When we started training for the film, Kartik weighed 90 kg. We had to somehow bring it down to between 69 to 75 kg. We were successful in this also.

You yourself have been a national level boxing player, how did you teach the skills of boxing to Karthik?
We used many tricks to teach boxing to Karthik. We paid full attention to hand and eye coordination. This means that our eyes should be exactly on the target. In boxing, things change in micro seconds, so keeping an eye on the opponent is the biggest game.

Tridev Pandey (right) himself has been a national level boxer.

Tridev Pandey (right) himself has been a national level boxer.

How many punches did Karthik get during boxing?
Karthik had received many punches from me during boxing training. He had to face a lot of beatings. Many times he was beaten on the face and stomach. Apart from making sacrifices, he also endured a lot of pain for this film. He used to say – Brother, hit slowly.

How much care was taken of Karthik's diet. What did they eat?
He trained for 14 months for the film. During this period his diet consisted of 12 eggs. Did not eat meat etc. Those who believe that a body cannot be built without flesh should see Karthik Aryan's body in Chandu Champion.

Karthik has taken training for 14 months for this film.

Karthik has taken training for 14 months for this film.

How did you feel when you saw Kartik Aryan in the poster of the film?
That moment was very emotional for me and Karthik. We worked very hard to give that look to Karthik. On the last day of shooting, Karthik had ordered rasmalai and cake for everyone on the set.

I became very emotional seeing that the person who had not touched sweets for a year was finally going to eat it today. Karthik also praised me in front of everyone on the set. He said that if you were not there I would not have been able to become Chandu champion.

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