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The gap between rich and poor is widening in the world; Report of UNO | leader

Washington; News Agency: The report of the United Nations has said that although the economic train of some countries of the world is getting back on track after Kovid-19, the poor countries are still suffering.

According to UNO's Development Program report, the gap between rich and poor countries has been narrowing for the past two decades. However, in the post-Corona period, the world economy collapsed. The economy of many of these countries is recovering. Some countries have even started to progress economically.

However, the economies of poor countries are still declining. The Human Development Index since 1990 has declined after Corona. Earlier this index was at high level. The economy of poor countries has become more worrying than before 2019. Due to Corona, the gap between rich and poor in the world has widened.

The poor have become more vulnerable. The condition of poor countries has become miserable. Inequality has increased in the world. 40 percent of the world's trade takes place in just three countries. The shocking fact that the total income of the three companies Amazon, Apple and Microsoft is equal to the income of 193 countries of the United Nations has also emerged from this report.

Appreciation of India's performance

In this report, it is said that India's economy has taken off after Corona. It said that due to the policies of the Indian government, India's economy is growing rapidly after overcoming the epidemic. The life expectancy of Indians has also increased from 62.7 years to 67.7 years. The report states that the per capita income of the people has also gone up to 6951 dollars.

Risk of polarization

With the emergence of digital economy, global warming, artificial intelligence and other challenges, the poor countries are witnessing a worrying situation. Due to this, the report also warned of polarization in the poor and rich countries of the world.

African countries among poor countries

The top ten countries with the best Human Development Index include Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, etc., while the poorest countries include African countries. This includes Sierra Leone, Yemen, Mali, Somalia and other countries.

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