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The first AI teacher in the country joined the school in Kerala! Know more | leader

Leader Online Desk : Artificial Intelligence ('AI') has been a hot topic in all fields in the past. These advancements in technology have universal reach. You must have heard many stories about the use of AI. But now AI has left a foothold in the Indian education sector. Kerala has become the first state in the country to use AI in schools. The first 'AI' teacher has joined here. In no time she has become popular among students. ( Kerala School Makes History With India's First AI Teacher “Iris” )

A sari-wearing, AI-enabled humanoid robot named 'Iris' has joined KTCT High School in Thiruvananthapuram. This humanoid robot has a female voice. She has many characteristics of a true teacher. The company 'MakerLabs Edutech' introduced this AI robot. Accordingly, Iris has become the first generative AI school teacher not only in Kerala but also in the country.

AI TeacherAI Teacher
The first 'AI' teacher has joined a school in Kerala.

AI Teacher : Knowledge of three languages, also answers students' complex questions

Iris can speak three languages ​​and can answer students' complex questions. According to MakerLabs, the knowledge base of Iris is much broader than other automatic learning gadgets. Because it is built with programming like ChatGPT. Also students are not trained on information about inappropriate subjects. Speaking to the media in this regard, MakerLab CEO Hari Sagar said, “The possibilities are endless in AI. When a student asks a question, the answers from Iris are similar to human responses. “Through artificial intelligence, learning can be not only easier but also fun.”

Consider increasing the number of AI robot teachers

According to Meera MN, principal of the school, “The first AI teacher is getting a positive response from the students. The school, which now has more than 3000 students, is looking to increase the number of generative AI robot teachers in the next academic session.”

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