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The body was found cut into two pieces in a sack: Bangladeshi actress Raima Shimu had gone out for shooting, a horrific murder was revealed with the help of a rope

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Today in Unsuni Daastaan, we are going to tell you the horrifying story of actress Raima Islam Shimu from neighboring country Bangladesh, which sounds like a thriller film, but is true. It is the year 2022. The senior actress of Bangladeshi cinema had left for shooting like every day, but never returned home after that.

Assuming that Raima Islam Shimu was missing, the family started looking for her. But in just 24 hours, a missing person case turned into a murder case. Raima's body was found cut into two pieces a few kilometers away from the house, bearing many injury marks.

Today in unsunni daastaans read the dark story of disappearance and murder of Bangladeshi actress Raima Islam Shimu-

Raima Islam Shimu's birth year has always been in question. According to The Daily Star News, she was born in 1977 in Barisal, Bangladesh, while Bengali daily newspaper Daily Jugantar says Raima was born in 1987.

There is not much information about Raima's childhood in Bangladeshi film history. The period from 1970 to 1990 was the golden period of Bangladeshi cinema i.e. Dhallywood. During this time, Raima Islam Shimu also joined the theatre.

Raima Islam Shimu has acted in 25 Bangladeshi films.

Raima Islam Shimu has acted in 25 Bangladeshi films.

When Raima, who was very beautiful, was doing theatre, she caught the eye of National Award winning director Kazi Hayat. Seeing her beauty and talent, Kazi Hayat signed her in his film Bartaman. Raima Islam Shimu made her debut in films with this film released in 1998.

After making a name for herself with her first film, Raima appeared in about 25 Bangladeshi films till 2002. Along with films, she was also associated with theatre. She took part in about 50 plays. Raima was also a well-known face of the Bangladeshi TV industry.

Raima Islam Shimu was making a name for herself in Bangladeshi cinema by giving hit films when she met Dhaka businessman Shakhawat Ali Nobel. While spending time together, both of them started liking each other. After being in a relationship for some time, Raima decided to marry Shakhawat Ali. Along with this decision, she also took many other important decisions. One of these was to distance herself from Bangladeshi cinema.

Raima Islam Sheemu with husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel.

Raima Islam Sheemu with husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel.

Raima quit films after getting married in 2004. Her last film was Jamai Shashur in 2002.

After marriage, she devoted most of her time to her family. After marriage, she produced some TV shows. With time, she had two children. Later, she started working in the marketing department of a private channel. With time, she started her own production house and started producing TV shows. Raima lived in Dhaka's Green Road area with her husband Shakhawat and two children.

It was Sunday, January 16, 2022. According to her husband, actress Raima left her house saying that she had to go for shooting. Time passed and evening came, but Raima did not return home. On Sunday, Raima's sister Fatima Nisha called her several times, but Raima did not answer any call. Usually she did not do this.

Raima Islam Shimu has been a part of Bangladeshi cinema movies Delwar Jahan Jantu, Chashi Nazrul Islam.

Raima Islam Shimu has been a part of Bangladeshi cinema movies Delwar Jahan Jantu, Chashi Nazrul Islam.

After some time, Fatima Nisha called her sister's husband Shakhawat and started enquiring about where Raima was. The answer she got was- she left for shooting at 7 am and there is no news since then. She has not even reached the place where she was supposed to go for shooting.

Raima's sister Fatima waited for her till late Sunday night, but when she did not return, she went to the nearest police station on the morning of 17 January 2022 and lodged a missing report for Raima. A few hours had passed when Raima's husband Shakhawat also lodged a report at the Kalabagan police station close to the house.

As soon as the news of the disappearance of the famous Bangladeshi cinema actress reached the police station, there was a sensation. The police started the investigation quickly and the investigation began from Raima's house in Green Road.

The police reached the house and directly questioned the husband. Shakawat told the police the same story which he had told Raima's sister. Raima left the house at around 7 am and has been missing since then. When the house servant was talked to, he also told the same story. The servant had gone out to get breakfast at around 7 am on the instructions of Shakawat, he saw Raima just before leaving and since then she has not been seen. The police also started searching the house, but nothing suspicious was found inside the house.

The dead body was found in a sack near the bushes

The investigation was still going on when on January 17, the police received a call from some locals from the area near Hazratpur Bridge in Keraniganj. On the call, the police was informed that some suspicious object was found in the bushes near the bridge. When the police reached the spot, they found a woman's body cut into two pieces in a sack. That body was of none other than actress Raima Islam Sheemu.

The body of Raima Islam was found near the bridge of Hazratpur.

The body of Raima Islam was found near the bridge of Hazratpur.

Now the case of missing person had turned into a case of murder. Raima's murder case became a sensation in Bangladeshi cinema. The police sent the body to Mitford Hospital for postmortem, where Raima's brother Shahidul Islam confirmed her identity. After finding the dead body, the police started a strict investigation.

Bangladeshi actor was suspected of murder, there was a dispute over membership of the association

During the investigation, the name of Bangladeshi actor Zayed Khan also came up before the police. A few years ago, Raima and Zayed had a fight over membership of the Film Artists Association. When Zayed was called for questioning, he clearly said that he had last spoken to Raima 2 years ago and since then they were not in touch.

Murder mystery solved by car investigation

Later, the police started the investigation again from Raima's house. The police found Raima's car outside her house. This was the only car in Raima's house, which both she and her husband drove. When the police started searching the car, shocking revelations were made.

As soon as the police opened the door of the car, a strong smell started coming from inside the car. It seemed as if some bleaching powder had been used in the car.

A murder was revealed with a rope

The condition of the car clearly showed that it had been washed and bleaching powder had been used to remove the odour. The police also found a bundle of nylon rope in the car. It was the same nylon rope with a piece of which the sack used to keep Raima's body was stitched. This evidence was enough for the police.

On January 17, Dhaka Police held a press conference saying that they had taken six suspects, including Raima's husband Shakhawat and his friend, on remand for three days on suspicion of her murder.

On January 17, Dhaka Police held a press conference saying that they had taken six suspects, including Raima's husband Shakhawat and his friend, on remand for three days on suspicion of her murder.

Husband's confession of crime caused sensation

Initially at the Keraniganj Model Police Station, Shakhawat kept misleading the police by giving different statements, however after the police’s strictness he confessed to the murder and disposing of the body.

According to the husband's statement, he and Raima had a fight at 7 am on January 16, 2022. As the fight escalated, Shakawat got angry and first beat her up and then strangled her, which led to her death.

After killing his wife, Shakhawat called his friend SMY Abdullah Farhad to his house. When he told the whole story to his friend, his friend agreed to help him dispose of the body.

Raima Islam's husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel and his friend Abdullah.

Raima Islam's husband Shakhawat Ali Nobel and his friend Abdullah.

Both of them cut the corpse and then stuffed it in a sack lying in the house. There was a bundle of nylon rope in the house, with the help of which they stitched the sack.

It was very difficult to dispose of the body in the presence of the house servant, so Shakawat sent him out of the house to get breakfast. As soon as the servant left, Shakawat and his friend hid Raima's body in the trunk of the car.

On the afternoon of January 16, both of them went out to dispose of the body, but they could not do so in daylight and returned home with the body. After it became dark, both of them left again at around 9 pm. In search of a deserted place, both of them reached Hazratpur Bridge of Keraniganj. At a distance of about 300 meters from the bridge, both of them disposed of the body kept in the trunk near the bushes and returned home. After returning home, Shakawat continued to pretend to search for his wife and the next day he himself went to the police station and lodged a complaint.

Shakhwat was in depression for years, used to beat Raima suspecting her

The Corona pandemic brought a bad phase for Raima Sheemu and Shakhawat Ali Nobel. The shooting of Raima's shows was stopped, while on the other hand Shakhawat suffered a huge loss in business. Due to the continuous losses, he had to face financial crisis. This had a bad effect on Shakhawat's mind.

Time passed and Shakawat's business closed down. Now Raima was the only source of income in the family.

With the passage of time, Shakhawat's attitude towards Raima became harsh. He would often beat Raima out of suspicion. He suspected that Raima was having an affair. A few months before her death, Raima had also filed a complaint of domestic violence against her husband with the police. Raima would often complain about her husband to her sister Fatima. She was not happy with her marriage, but she never thought of separating.

A few days after the murder of Raima Islam Shimu, her daughter Ojiya Alim Rid was called for questioning. Ojiya also made it clear in her statement to the police that Shakhwat often used to beat Raima. The day after Shakhwat confessed to the murder, he called Ojiya from police custody and apologized for the murder.

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