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Terror attack on church in Russia kills 15, including priest and police

Moscow: Leader Online There has been a major terrorist attack in Russia. About 15 Russians lost their lives in the attack, including a priest and some policemen.

A horrific terrorist attack took place in Russia on Sunday. In which nearly 15 people died. Dagestan Governor Sergey Melikov gave this information today (Monday). Governor Sergei Melikov said more than 15 policemen and several civilians were killed in Dagestan, including an Orthodox priest, after gunmen opened fire on two Orthodox churches, a synagogue and a police checkpoint in two cities.

15 people lost their lives
The attackers opened fire on two Orthodox churches, a place of worship and a police post in the two cities on Sunday. In which 15 people including the police have lost their lives. Russia's National Anti-Terrorism Committee has described the attacks in Muslim-majority regions with a history of armed extremism as acts of terrorism. According to the information given by the Governor, 6 attackers have been killed.

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