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Terrible | Butter chicken turns fatal, youth dies in first bite; Read What Happened? | Butter Chicken Death | leader

Leading Online Desk : Butter Chicken is a famous Indian dish that has reached the world. This is a favorite dish of many. But a young man died after eating butter chicken in London. After taking his first bite of butter chicken, the young man had an allergic reaction and died. On Thursday, the local court ruled that the butter chicken-making takeaway was not at fault in the 2023 incident. (Butter Chicken Death)

The name of this youth is Joseph Higginson (27). The incident took place in Greater Manchester, England. Joseph brought home a parcel of butter chicken from a takeaway. This incident is of January 2023. After an investigation into the case, and a court hearing, the local court on Thursday acquitted the takeaway (parcel service hotel) involved in the case. The Mirror This website has given this news.

What exactly causes death? Butter Chicken Death

Joseph brought home Butter Chicken on 28 December 2022. As the family began to eat, Joseph suffered a heart attack as soon as he took the first bite. Joseph was rushed to the hospital, where he died on January 4, 2023.
Joseph was allergic to nuts like almonds and cashews. Almonds and cashew nuts were used in making butter chicken. He had a reaction after eating this butter chicken. Such a severe reaction is called Anaphylaxis and this reaction is life threatening.

Joseph knew about his allergies. It was clearly mentioned that there are cashews and almonds in this butter chicken. Even so, Joseph ate this butter chicken. Interestingly, an EpiPen, a medical device designed to trigger the body's response in case of such a reaction, is also implanted in his body. In such a situation, Joseph should not have dared to do such a crazy thing, people should learn from this incident and take allergy seriously, Joseph's family said.

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