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Targeting the spirit of youth, Rahul Gandhi said on PM Modi.. | leader

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New Delhi : The use of social media has become an effective campaign weapon for all major political parties in the Lok Sabha elections. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has tried to connect with youth across the country by using 'X' i.e. erstwhile Twitter to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi shared a video sent by a youth on Tuesday and warned that Modi's “propaganda” will no longer work.

'A young man sent me this video today! The truth is now coming out, breaking through the web of confusion and fear. At this time, the dal of the fathers of propaganda will not be cooked. People are preparing to show him a mirror, Rahul Gandhi has attacked Prime Minister Modi from 'X' in such words.

In a video shared by Rahul Gandhi, when asked if Prime Minister Narendra Modi stopped the war, a young woman called Modi a “sin” and this is all propaganda. If they stop the war, then the conflict that is going on in Manipur and Ladakh. This young woman has asked the question that why Modi could not be stopped by that papa.

This is Electoral Bond money. Modi wants to spend it. This young woman has also said in the video that they have started a campaign to stop the war. Seeing that social media is being used more by the youth of the country, Rahul Gandhi shared this video for campaigning and it is getting a good response.

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