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Tabu wanted to work with Neeraj Pandey: On working with Ajay Devgan, she said- the actor has not changed at all in all these years

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Ajay Devgan and Tabu are going to be seen together once again in the film 'Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha'. Apart from Ajay Devgan and Tabu, Jimmy Shergill, Shantanu Maheshwari, Sai Manjrekar will be seen in this film directed by Neeraj Pandey. This film will be released in theaters on July 5. Recently, Tabu and Neeraj Pandey had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar regarding this film.

How does Tabu Ji leave her unique mark in every film?

How well any character impacts the audience does not happen only by our efforts. Sometimes the character itself is so different that it becomes your signature. Apart from this, it is important for me who is making the film? I wanted to work with Neeraj Pandey since a long time. Many people used to tell me to work with Neeraj Pandey. I used to say that one day I will definitely work with him.

After a long time, Tabu will be seen doing a love story based film.

After a long time, Tabu will be seen doing a love story based film.

What excited you the most about doing ‘Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha’?

First of all, I liked the script of this film very much. Because Neeraj Pandey's films have a very different kind of love angle. This film has Neeraj, Ajay and me, so what could be more exciting than this? All this was enough to do this film. Because I knew that whatever happens will be good.

Neeraj Pandey, director of 'Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha'.

Neeraj Pandey, director of 'Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha'.

Neeraj ji, what did you find special about Tabu as an actor?

She has a lot of potential, which has not yet been fully revealed to the audience. The best part about her is that when she joins a project, she completely embraces it. Tabu not only understands her character, she understands the entire film and embraces it.

Tabu ji, does being friends with Ajay Devgan make your work on screen better?

I can't say this with certainty. Now that we are friends, I can't say how our chemistry would have looked on screen if we weren't friends. It's fun working with him. But he hasn't changed at all over the years. He plays a lot of pranks on everyone on the set. But he has never done it on me because I catch on immediately.

Tabu ji, you are playing the character of Basu in this film, what did you like the most?

What I like most about Basu's character is her silence. Basu is somewhat similar to my real character. I am very less expressive and I am not able to mingle with people easily.

Ajay Devgan and Tabu were seen together in the film Drishyam.

Ajay Devgan and Tabu were seen together in the film Drishyam.

Neeraj ji, you are associated with both OTT and cinema, how much has cinema changed with the advent of OTT and how much are the audiences connected to it?

With the advent of OTT, the audience has more options. This has also become a bit challenging for filmmakers. Makers will have to expand their scope of thinking.

When will the shooting of 'Drishyam 3' with Ajay start?

At present, there is no talk about 'Drishyam 3'. When something happens, everyone will know. Let us tell you, 'Drishyam' was released in 2015. After this, 'Drishyam 2' came in 2022. Now the audience is waiting for 'Drishyam 3'.

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