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Swati Maliwal: Why is Kejriwal silent on Swati Maliwal? : Question of BJP

New Delhi; Leading News Service : Swati Maliwal | BJP has asked why Arvind Kejriwal is keeping silent on Swati Maliwal beating case. BJP has also alleged that it is trying to save Vibhav Kumar, who misbehaved with Swati Maliwal. Arvind Kejriwal along with party leaders tried to lay siege to the BJP headquarters. After that BJP answered Kejriwal and asked many questions.

Swati Maliwal has clashed with Aam Aadmi Party and BJP over the beating case. Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party tried to besiege the BJP headquarters on Sunday. After that, Delhi BJP state president Virendra Sachdeva held a press conference and held Arvind Kejriwal on edge. “The manner in which Swati Maliwal was called home and beaten up. They have no answer. Why is Kejriwal silent on this matter instead of doing other things? That's all he should say,” criticized Kejriwal.

In this matter, BJP national spokesperson Shazia Ilmi, Shehzad Poonawala also criticized Arvind Kejriwal. Shazia Ilmi attacked that Aam Aadmi Party has now become Aam Kollani Party. Shazia Ilmi said, “Kejriwal is trying to protect Vibhav Kumar. Swati Maliwal has been with AAP for a long time, contributing a lot to the growth of the party since its inception. But still Swati Maliwal was treated very badly. The next day after the misbehaviour, Sanjay Singh had said that action would be taken against him, but no action has been taken against him yet. Vibhav Kumar, who mistreated Swati Maliwal, is Shahjaha Sheikh of Delhi and Kejriwal is its sultan,” he taunted.

Shahzad Poonawala said, “Kejriwal should break his silence on the Swati Maliwal issue and answer the basic questions instead of drama. Did they protect Vibhav Kumar? Why is the CCTV footage of their house missing? Why was a short clip released and not the full video?” He strongly criticized Arvind Kejriwal by asking this question.

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