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Suresh, Kerala's only BJP MP, sworn in yesterday but now to quit as minister; Said 'this' because…

New Delhi; Leaders Online Winning for the first time from Kerala Suresh Gopi, who reached Parliament, took the oath of office yesterday (Sunday). But now he has expressed his desire to leave the post of minister. Explaining the reason, he said, I have signed many films. I want to finish them. Suresh Gopi has expressed his desire to work as an MP in Thrissur.

Chances of quitting your ministry

Suresh Gopi, the first BJP MP from Kerala, took oath as the Minister of State yesterday. But now he is likely to leave his ministerial post. After the swearing-in ceremony, he spoke to a local news channel in Delhi about this. He said, I have not asked for any ministerial post. I hope to be released from this post.

First MP for BJP from Kerala

Suresh Gopi contested the election from Thrissur Lok Sabha seat and won it. He has written his name in history as the first MP for BJP from Kerala. Suresh, candidate of the Communist Party of India V. S. Defeated Sunil Kumar by 74686 votes. He has played important roles in many films.

National Award for Best Actor to Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi is originally from Alappuzha, Kerala. He was born in 1958. He graduated in science from Kollam. They are also related to movies. He started acting in films as a child actor. Suresh Gopi has played lead roles in many films. He won the National Award for Best Actor for Kaliyattam in 1998. Along with this, he has also hosted TV shows for many years.

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