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Sunita Williams Sunita Williams still in space due to technical glitch

Washington, DC: US-born Indian astronaut Sunita Williams along with one other colleague left for space for the third time. Now they are having trouble getting back from the space station.

The reason behind this is the technical problem in the spacecraft. Engineers said that the two will soon overcome this problem and return to Earth. There is limited fuel left. Starliner could not start the return journey due to helium leakage from 5 places. Starliner's thrusters have reportedly stopped working.

Sunita Williams made history

Indian-origin astronaut Sunita Williams successfully flew into space for the third time on Wednesday (5). Sunita and one of her colleagues successfully flew the Boeing Company's Starliner spacecraft. Sunita Williams made history by becoming the first member of the International Space Station. Boeing's crewed flight test mission carrying Williams and Butch Wilmore launched from the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida after several delays. Sunita Williams, an American citizen of Indian origin, has made history as the first woman to fly on such a mission.

Astronaut Sunita participated in 'Ya' missions

In 2012, Williams became the first person to complete a triathlon in space during a trip to the International Space Station. Williams joined the US Navy in 1987 after training at the US Naval Academy. Williams was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 1998. Sunita Williams was also instrumental in two space missions, Mission 14/15 in 2006 and 32/33 in 2012.

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