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'Strike violence alone': Islamic State appeals to supporters; Investigation system alert in the country Islamic State | leader

Leading Online Desk : The terrorist organization Islamic State (IS-Central) has called on its supporters around the world to engage in lone wolf attacks and cause mass violence. Therefore, the investigative agencies and security agencies of the country are on alert. Islamic State declared the establishment of a caliphate in 2014, marking ten years this year, so investigative agencies are on alert. (Islamic State)

Islamic State spokesman Abu Hadaifa Al Ansari made the call. Ansari has given this message in an audio clip. It praised the terrorist attack on Moscow and called on Muslims around the world to join the Islamic State. This news Times of Indiahas given

ISIS was founded in 1999. It was later renamed the Islamic State in 2014, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was chosen as the Caliph. Ansari has been the spokesman of the Islamic State since August last year. Ansari released a similar audio clip in January. (Islamic State)

After Ansari's audio clip, investigative agencies across the world as well as in India have been alerted. β€œThe local police should be more vigilant. More vigilance should be taken at places like cultural events, meetings, meetings.”

Jews and Christians are mentioned in Ansari's audio. Therefore, special security has been provided in Jewish institutions, public halls, including Chabad House in Mumbai.

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