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Sridevi used to live with Boney and his first wife: Producer said – My mother once asked Sri to tie Rakhi on me.

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Boney Kapoor has recently shared some untold stories of his late wife Sridevi. He has told that once his mother had asked Sridevi to tie Rakhi to Boney. Boney also told that before marriage, Sridevi, he and his first wife Mona Shourie lived together in the same house.

Mother had told Sridevi to tie Rakhi to Boney.

In a recent interview given to Zoom, Boney told that Mona knew that he liked Sridevi. He told that before marriage, Sridevi lived in the same house with him and Mona. Regarding this he said – I feel guilty, but I was very honest towards Arjun's mother Mona. She knew about our relationship from the beginning.

Boney further said- My mother knew about my feelings for Sridevi. This was the reason that one day she went to Shri and said – tie Rakhi to Boney.

Bonni is not angry at Arjun but Arjun is angry at him.

During the conversation, Boney also talked about fatherhood. Boney told that he was angry at Jhanvi and Khushi only once. But he has never been angry at Arjun. Rather Arjun gets angry at them.

He further said- It is natural for Arjun to be angry at me. I understand this very well. This is why I have given him the right to be angry.

Boney married Sridevi for the second time in 1996.

Sridevi married producer Boney Kapoor in 1996. Sridevi was considered guilty of breaking Boney Kapoor's first marriage. This was the reason that after the death of Boney's first wife Mona Shourie, his stepson Arjun did not accept him for years.

One year after marriage, Sridevi gave birth to elder daughter Janhvi. After this, in 2000 she gave birth to her second daughter Khushi Kapoor.

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