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Sonu Nigam's reaction on fake post related to Ayodhya: Said- 'I left Twitter 7 years ago because of this filth, I am not interested in making political comments'

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Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam was recently embroiled in controversy once again. When the results of the Lok Sabha elections came on June 4, there was a lot of discussion about the defeat of the BJP candidate from Ayodhya. A debate broke out on social media regarding this defeat in which Sonu Nigam also became a target.

A fake post in the name of Sonu went viral on social media platform X, due to which people started trolling him fiercely. Sonu has now given his reaction on the viral post.

Sonu said- I left Twitter because of this filth

Talking to Hindustan Times, he said, 'The post that went viral was shared from Sonu Nigam Singh's handle. Its description said that the man is from Bihar and is a criminal lawyer. I am surprised that news channels and other news platforms got confused and did not even do a basic check. Due to this filth, I was forced to leave Twitter seven years ago. I am not fond of making political comments. I believe in focusing only on my work. I am worried for myself and my family due to this incident.'

Fake post viral in Sonu's name and user's reaction on it.

Fake post viral in Sonu's name and user's reaction on it.

There was a ruckus over this fake post

After BJP lost the Ayodhya seat, a post was made from an account named Sonu Nigam in which it was written, 'The government which made Ayodhya shine, gave a new airport, railway station, built the Ram temple after 500 years, gave a whole temple economy. The same party had to struggle for the Ayodhya seat. Shameful to the people of Ayodhya! As soon as this post went viral, people started trolling Sonu Nigam on social media.

A user wrote- 'Did you even get a chance to sing a song? Have you ever met the people whose houses were demolished or are you singing a fake song? You should be ashamed. You should not sing when you don't know anything.

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