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Soni Razdan came out in support of Zeenat Aman: Took a dig at Mukesh Khanna's statement, the actor had spoken against live-in relationships

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The war of words over Zeenat Aman's post is not stopping. Zeenat had advised to be in a live-in relationship through a post. First, veteran actresses Mumtaz and Saira Banu took a dig at this. Now Soni Razdan has responded to Mukesh Khanna's objection.

During an interview, Mukesh Khanna expressed objection to Zeenat's advice and said – This is not our culture. Zeenat Aman has lived her life according to western civilization since the beginning, but she should understand that live-in relationships cannot be accepted in Indian culture.

What Zeenat Aman is talking about is that the boy and the girl will know about each other by living together before marriage, but this is not acceptable. What will happen if a boy and a girl live together like husband and wife and things do not work out between them? In such a situation, people who are saying such things should speak thoughtfully.

Soni Razdan has given his reaction on this

Soni Razdan, while supporting Zeenat Aman, replied to Mukesh Khanna – 'Oh God, we cannot even imagine that if a couple lives together in a live-in relationship and they do not get along with each other, then what will happen? Thinking about this boggles the mind. Many users are advising Sony not to pay attention to Mukesh Khanna's words.

Soni Razdan with daughter Alia Bhatt.

Soni Razdan with daughter Alia Bhatt.

Mumtaz and Saira Banu also taunted Zeenat

Veteran actress Mumtaz had taken a dig at Zeenat Aman's post. He told in an interview that Zeenat Aman should be the last person to give advice on relationships. Because his own marriage has been a 'living hell'. Mumtaz had also said that Zeenat is trying to become a cool aunty by giving such advice and wants to increase her followers on Instagram.

While talking to 'Hindustan Times', Saira Banu said- I am not very active on social media, so I am not reading much about it. I do not follow or accept what Mumtaz and Zeenat are saying. We are very old fashioned people. Our trend is from 40-50 years ago.

Saira Banu also said that she does not support live-in relationships at all. She said- I can never agree with this. I would never advocate this. For me this kind of relationship is unimaginable and unacceptable.

Let us tell you, a few days ago Zeenat Aman had shared a big post on social media. In the post, he advised couples to live-in before marriage.

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