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Somi Ali came out in support of Zeenat Aman: Said- If you know the partner in live-in relationship beforehand, then the chances of divorce are reduced.

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Veteran Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman had recently written a post on social media in favor of live-in relationship. Some controversies came to light after this post. Veteran actress Mumtaz had criticized Zeenat for supporting live-in relationship.

Saira Banu also came out in support of Mumtaz and a round of debate started. Now Somi Ali has entered this matter. He has supported Zeenat's comment on live in relationship.

Somi has been Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend and she left Bollywood after working in a few films.

What Zeenat ji said is 100% correct: Somi

In an interview given to Hindustan Times, Somi said, 'Many people criticized him. Our population has reached 8 billion. I am not at all against live in relationship. I 100% agree with whatever Zeenat ji has said because when you are in a live-in relationship, you can set some limits. You can get to know each other. There are many habits that you dislike about which you can talk openly. You get a chance to know about your partner's likes and dislikes on a personal level. This reduces the chances of divorce.

Somi further said, 'We have seen many such cases where people get married without knowing each other and then they get divorced. This is very common in arranged marriages in Pakistan and India. To those who oppose Zeenat ji, I would only say that we are not living in 1950. The world has changed a lot in 2024, now boys and girls can live in a live-in relationship.

Zeenat Aman gave relationship advice

Zeenat had recently written on social media, 'If you are in a relationship, it is important to live together before marriage. I have given the same advice to my son also.

She said- 'For those who are in live-in relationships, I would like to say that this seems very logical to me. When two people bring their families together, they should do the ultimate test of their relationship.

Mumtaz had taunted Zeenat

Veteran actress Mumtaz had taken a dig at his post. He had said in an interview that Zeenat Aman should be the last person to give advice on relationships. Because his own marriage has been like a 'living hell'.

Mumtaz had also said that Zeenat is trying to become a cool aunty by giving such advice and wants to increase her followers on Instagram.

Saira Banu also called live-in wrong

Late actor Dilip Kumar's wife Saira had said that she does not support live-in relationships. While talking to 'Hindustan Times', Saira Banu had said – I am not very active on social media, so I am not reading much about it. I do not follow or believe in what Zeenat is saying. We are very old fashioned people. Our trend is from 40-50 years ago.

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