Friday, July 12, 2024

Some states in America have banned mobile phones in schools

Several states in the US have begun to pass laws banning the use of cell phones in schools. Some states have banned mobile phones in schools. In the new academic year, students will not be allowed to use mobile phones in school classes.

■ There have been several attempts in the US since the 1980s to ban students from using cell phones and communication devices.
■ Due to excessive use of mobile phones, the mental balance of students and youth is deteriorating. That is why mobile phones are being banned in schools in America.
■ Management has decided to ban mobile phones in 76 percent of US schools because of the impact on students' mental health.
■ Schools to be informed about the negative effects of social media. Instructions were given to stop using social media
■ The use of mobile phones is the cause of shooting incidents in many schools in America, according to the investigation. Many times there have been debates for banning mobile phones
■ Since the 1980s there have been movements to ban the use of messaging systems in schools. At that time, the fear of students getting into drugs was being expressed.

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