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'…so the 'Crown of Congress' came to Kerala: PM Modi's tirade on Rahul Gandhi | leader

Leader Online Desk : The “Congress Yuvraj” has not been able to protect his family stronghold in Uttar Pradesh with regard to the Amethi Lok Sabha constituency. So he made his new base in Kerala, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (April 15) made an indirect attack on former Congress president and candidate from Wayanad constituency in Kerala Rahul Gandhi.

Misuse of funds provided by the Central Government to the State

Addressing a public meeting in Palakkad, Kerala, PM Modi said that the “Congress prince” has failed to protect his family stronghold in Uttar Pradesh with regard to the Amethi Lok Sabha constituency. So they have made their new base in Kerala. The crown prince of the Congress party will seek votes from the people of Kerala, but will not speak a word about your problems and interests. Congress leaders will seek votes from the people of Kerala; But they will not raise their voices in their interest. He also alleged that there was a “back door deal” with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of an outfit banned in India for anti-national activities, for the Lok Sabha elections.

Opposition parties may hamper the development efforts of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance in Kerala as well as the region as a whole. He also accused them of obstructing national highway projects and misusing the funds given to the state by the central government.

Congress calls Left terrorists in Kerala; but sits together in Delhi

In Kerala, Congress calls Leftists 'terrorists'. But in Delhi, the Congress and these 'terrorists' sit together, eat together and strategize for elections,” PM Modi also claimed.

There is nothing 'right' about the Left Government

From West Bengal to Kerala, all Left governments have a common characteristic: 'nothing left and nothing right'. This means that wherever the Left governs, nothing is 'left behind' and nothing is 'right',” the Prime Minister added. Kerala will go to polls for 20 Lok Sabha seats in a single phase on April 26.

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