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Six babies were born at the same time

Islamabad : A woman has given birth to six babies at the same time in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. These 'Sextuplets' mean 'Sixtuplets' and their mother is stout. According to the information of the newspaper 'Dawn' of Pakistan, the 27-year-old wife Zeenat of Mohammad Wahid, who lives in Hazara Colony, gave birth to these babies.

The woman was admitted to the hospital on Thursday after labor pains started. Then on Friday she gave birth to six babies one after the other within an hour. Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Dr. Farzana said that among these six babies there are four boys and two girls. All six of these babies weigh less than two pounds. However, he and his mother are doing well now.

Doctors have placed these babies in an incubator. He was said to be in no particular danger. This was Zeenat's first delivery. In this very first delivery, she gave birth to six such babies. A team of specialist doctors was formed to operate on her after it was realized that complications may arise during delivery. Her husband has expressed his happiness at fathering so many children at once.

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