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Sini Shetty had tears in her eyes: She became emotional hugging her mother after not winning the Miss World title, video went viral

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Christina Pijkova of Czech Republic has won the title of Miss World-2023. Meanwhile, Miss Lebanon Yasmina Zeitoun was the first runner up. India's Sini Shetty had reached top-8. In such a situation, Sini was seen getting emotional hugging her mother after not winning the title. The tears flowing from his eyes clearly show how sad he is over the defeat. To boost Sini's courage in such difficult times, his family took good care of him. This video of Sini seems to be going viral rapidly on social media.

In the video, she is seen crying and hugging her mother and close ones. Sini was spotted with a smile on her face, wiping her tears. Apart from this, some of his family members are also seen wiping his tears.

Users are giving their reactions on this video
Users are also giving their reactions on this emotional video of Sini Shetty. Where one user wrote – Sini made her place in the top 8. India is very proud of him. Another user wrote – Reaching Miss World is no less than an achievement. Another user also praised Sini's dance.

Users praised Sini on social media.

Users praised Sini on social media.

India's Sini Shetty had reached top-8
India's Sini Shetty had made it to the top 8. There was a Q&A session after the Top-8 round. The jury asked Sini- How can work on women empowerment be done through social media?

In response, Sini said- Today social media has played a huge role in our lives. Social media has huge power, it can bring change in the society through conversation and awareness. I have full faith that today's youth can bring change in the world through this medium. Women empowerment can also be promoted through this. Standing on the Miss World platform, I assure that with better use of social media we can bring change in the society.

Who is Miss World Winner Kristina Pijkova?
Kristina Pijkova is a student and international model. 24 year old Christina is studying law and business administration along with working as a model. Christina opened an English medium school for underprivileged children in Tanzania.

She has established the Krystyna Pyszko Foundation in the Czech Republic. In which he has organized many schooling programs not only for children but also for the elderly and mentally challenged people.

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