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Sharmin Sehgal got irritated when she was told that she comes late on the set: called Aditi Rao a school girl, said- according to her everyone comes late

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Sharmin Segal has faced a lot of trolling since the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's series 'Heeramandi'. On the other hand, her co-actress Aditi Rao is getting a lot of appreciation. Recently, Sharmin Segal commented on Aditi's punctuality in an interview and called her a 'school girl'. Its video is going viral on social media. Aditi's fans did not like this statement of Sharmin.

what is the whole matter

Actually, Aditi was asked in an interview that who used to come late on the set. To this Aditi said- the person who is not here right now. Sharmin was not present there at that time. Now when Sharmin was told this during this interview, she gave this statement about Aditi.

Sharmin said that Aditi is a good school girl, if the teacher tells her to do her homework by a certain time, she will do exactly that. Not only this, she will not write even a single word more than the number of words she has to work on. Sharmin said that according to Aditi, everyone comes late and only she reaches on time.

Reaction of social media users

Sharmin Sehgal's video commenting on Aditi Rao Hydari is going viral on social media. Netizens are commenting a lot on Sharmin's comment. One user wrote – I did not speak so many dialogues in total 'Heeramandi'. While another user wrote – Apart from acting, it is also important to have some manners. Learn to respect your seniors. People are saying that Sharmin is jealous of Aditi.

Aditi supported Sharmin

During an interview, Aditi supported Sharmin. Aditi expressed her sadness over her being trolled. She says that this should not happen to anyone. It is not necessary that people like everything, but there can be other ways to express it.

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