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Shantanu was afraid that Ajay might prank her: Sai Manjrekar was also scared; The duo will be seen in 'Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha'

17 minutes agoAuthor: Ashish Tiwari

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In director Neeraj Pandey's film 'Auron Mein Kahan Dum Tha', Ajay Devgan's young character is played by Shantanu Maheshwari and Tabu's character is played by Sai Manjrekar. During an exclusive interview with Dainik Bhaskar, Shantanu Maheshwari and Sai Manjrekar talked about the preparation for their roles in the film. Sai Manjrekar told that when she met Ajay Devgan during the shooting of the film, she was very scared. At the same time, Shantanu Maheshwari told that she was afraid that Ajay Devgan might prank her.

Sai, what about you Did you feel excited when you were told about this film?

I got a call for the first time to audition for this film. At that time, I was not told who was in the film. I was only told that Neeraj Sir was going to direct the film. As soon as I heard Neeraj Sir's name, I immediately said yes, because I wanted to do a film with Neeraj Sir.

When I went for the audition, I met Shantanu Maheshwari there. I gave my first audition with him. I get shy when I meet someone for the first time, but Shantanu made me feel very comfortable. After that, I was very excited about this film as to when the shoot would begin.

Was Neeraj Pandey's name enough for you or did you find some things in the story interesting as well?

I liked the story very much. It is a very beautiful love story. Since childhood, I wanted to become an actor. Since then, I wanted to do a love story. I knew that Neeraj sir always makes good films. He has always been on my bucket list.

Shantanu, what excited you?

I always thought of being a part of such a film. As Sai said, Neeraj sir makes something different. I wanted to work with him. I found the story very interesting. The story of every film is the hero. No matter which film you watch. The two biggest reasons for working in this film are the story of the film and Neeraj Pandey sir.

Even after being a part of big films, do you not shy away from look tests and auditions?

I am new to the industry. I understand that this is a part of the job. You are right that I have never avoided giving look tests and auditions. Sometimes the audition goes in your favor, sometimes it doesn't. I understand that this is the process.

Sai, what would you like to say about look tests and auditions?

Earlier I used to get nervous about auditions. But when I started giving auditions, then I understood how this thing helps in doing good work. Auditions help in practice. Auditions provide opportunities to play new characters, this increases the graph of acting.

Shantanu, what kind of preparation did you do for the character of the film?

We did a workshop for one and a half month to prepare for the character of this film. We were explained a lot of things there. Anyway, I find it challenging to play different characters. The audience should also not feel that you have been confined to a limit. Or the audience should form an impression about you that you can do only one kind of role. That is why it is very important to keep playing different characters. People should also feel that you have the potential to play all kinds of characters.

Sai, what kind of preparation did you have?

When we were doing the workshop, Neeraj sir had said that whatever you are performing, first judge it by yourself. I think that workshop helps a lot in understanding the character. It becomes very easy to understand the character during the workshop itself.

Neeraj Pandey is known for spy thrillers and action drama films, Shantanu did you think that he would make such an intense love story,

If you watch his movies, there was a love story in his 'MS Dhoni' as well. The song 'Kaun Mera, Mera Kya Tu Lage' from the movie 'Special 26' shows a different kind of romance. He has a different way of approaching romance. We cannot limit anyone to a limit. Well, I am still too young to judge anyone.

Sai, you are playing the young version of Tabu in the film, how much responsibility are you feeling?

Initially, I was very scared about how I would be able to fulfill this responsibility. Even when we were doing the workshop, I was thinking about how I would be able to justify it. I didn't know what people would think. I was always afraid. But when I understood the character from Neeraj sir, everything became easy. I kept doing what he explained.

Shantanu, you have played the young version of Ajay Devgan, tell me?

I have never been under any kind of pressure. Neeraj sir has been guiding me from the beginning. I had even asked him if I would have to watch Ajay Devgan sir's movies to understand the character. Neeraj sir refused and said that there is no need, if anything happens then he will tell me.

Sai, did you meet Tabu and Ajay Devgan on the set?

Yes, I met Ajay Sir for the first time on the set. I was very scared when I was going to meet Ajay Sir with the costume designer of the film Falguni Madam. I feel very shy when I meet someone for the first time. My steps were hesitating. Falguni Madam forcefully took me to Ajay Sir. Ajay Sir is a very sweet person. I met Tabu Madam in Neeraj Sir's office before the shooting of the film. At that time, we talked a lot about Papa.

Shantanu, how was your experience meeting Ajay Devgan?

When I met Ajay Sir for the first time on the set, I had the image of him being a prankster in my mind. Before meeting Ajay Sir, I was very scared that I might be pranked. But it was very nice to meet him, he is a very sweet and nice person.

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