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Shahrukh's look alike became desperate for every penny during the pandemic: did not have money even for food; Salman became the messiah, gave 2500 rupees along with ration

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The pandemic period was very scary for Shahrukh Khan's look alike Rizwan Khan. He was not getting any work from anywhere. All the savings were also exhausted. He did not have money even for the treatment of his pregnant wife. As a result, he had to sell his house also.

Then in this bad time, Salman Khan came as Mahisa. He sent ration and Rs. 2500 to all the members of the Look Alike Union. With this, they could easily survive for a few days.

Let us tell you, Rizwan has worked as Shahrukh's body double in films like Mohabbatein and Chak De India. He has also been seen with Shahrukh in many ad films.

'Had to sell everything during the pandemic'

In a recent episode of the web show Dum Biryani, Rizwan Khan recalled his days of struggle. He said, 'The situation had become so bad during the pandemic that I had to sell some of my belongings because I did not even have money to eat.

However, now by the grace of God, I have a 2 BHK flat. I also have all those things which I had to sell during the pandemic.

Salman Khan came as a savior in times of trouble. Even today I am thankful for his support.

Rizwan once used to work on a roadside cart

Rizwan further said that there was a time when he used to work on roadside carts. But his luck changed when he came to Mumbai.

have met shahrukh

Rizwan has also met Shahrukh. He told about this meeting- I was nervous after meeting him. I got a call at 2 in the night and was told that I have to shoot with Shahrukh sir. I was stunned. He knew me by name. I have done many ads with him. Every member of his staff knows me.

Rizwan said that even though Shahrukh has many look alikes, he is always first in the list. He said that he is the only look alike who has worked with Shahrukh.

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