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Shahrukh had come to meet Farah during her delivery: Panic broke out in the hospital; patients started running away with drips

2 hours ago

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Shahrukh Khan came to meet film maker and choreographer Farah Khan during her delivery. Farah was lying in the hospital with 35 patients. When Shahrukh came to meet him, a stampede-like situation occurred there. Everyone present there was excited after seeing Shahrukh.

People were coming out with their drips. Let us tell you that Farah Khan became the mother of three children together in 2008. She gave birth to all three children with the help of IVF technique.

A stampede started after seeing Shahrukh
While talking to Nova IVF Infertility YouTube channel, Farah Khan shared the memories of her pregnancy and delivery. In this episode he mentioned Shahrukh Khan. Farah said- On the day of my delivery, Shahrukh came to meet me in the hospital.

There were already 35 women in the room where I was admitted. Everyone had a drip in their hand. She was going crazy after seeing Shahrukh. To see him, she started moving forward in a drip.

There is a very good bonding between Shahrukh and Farah.

Shahrukh encouraged us in difficult times
Farah said that Shahrukh was the person who supported her the most in bad times. Farah wanted to conceive during the shooting of Om Shanti Om. Farah said- During the shooting of Om Shanti Om, the doctor told me that I could not get pregnant this time also. I cried a lot after hearing this.

Shahrukh understood that something was wrong. He called me in his vanity van and explained a lot. He also advised me to rest.

Shahrukh and Farah have worked together in three films.

Farah has directed three of Shahrukh's films
Shahrukh was the lead cast in Farah Khan's first directorial film Main Hoon Na. This film established Farah in the industry as a director. Before this he was known only as a dance choreographer.

In 2008, Farah directed Om Shanti Om which was even more successful. Through this film, Shahrukh and Farah had brought almost all the big stars of the industry under one roof. Farah also directed Shahrukh's another film Happy New Year. This film was commercially successful.

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