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SBI in trouble in Electoral Bond case; Contempt petition filed in Supreme Court

Leading Online Desk : A contempt of court petition has been filed against the State Bank of India for not taking action despite the Supreme Court's order to disclose information about Electrol bonds. The petition was filed by Association of Democratic Reforms and Common Cause. Legal expert Prashant Bhushan should hear this petition immediately, it has been said in this contempt petition. (Electoral Bond)

Last month, the Constitution Bench had ordered the State Bank of India to submit to the Election Commission the information of all those who have purchased Electrol Bonds since April 2019. March 6 was the last date for this. But a day before the scheduled date, State Bank of India demanded an extension till June 30. Live Law This website has given this news.

Association of Democratic Reforms and Common Cause have now filed a contempt of court petition against the State Bank of India. (Electoral Bond)

State Bank of India has filed a plea seeking extension, its listing will be done on Monday, while Bhushan has demanded that the contempt petition also be listed on Monday. The petition states that State Bank of India has deliberately avoided the orders of the Supreme Court, therefore State Bank of India has committed contempt of the judiciary. State Bank of India's plea seeking extension is tainted, seeking extension to frustrate ongoing efforts to ensure transparent conduct of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in the country, the petition added. The petition also said that while the State Bank has a large IT network and all the branches are interconnected, it is unacceptable that the information of 22217 electro bonds cannot be provided in time.

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